Craft beer drinkers and craft beer aficionados rejoice: craft beer is finally gaining the mainstream recognition it deserves.

Craft beer’s meteoric rise to the top of the US craft beer drinking game has been aided by the release of the 2017 seasonal calendar.

The Brewers Association released the 2018 calendar on December 13.

The calendar contains a wide range of craft beer related events, including a Christmas craft beer event, a holiday craft beer tasting and a craft beer fest in New York City.

Craft beers have been gaining more mainstream popularity for a number of reasons.

The popularity of beer in general and craft beers in particular has soared over the last few years, as evidenced by the number of craft breweries opening in cities like Boston, Portland, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles.

In 2017, craft beer consumption increased more than 2.4% in the United States, up from 1.4%, according to a survey conducted by Nielsen Beer in 2017.

The number of US craft breweries grew from 1,937 in 2017 to 3,094 in 2018.

A large percentage of these craft breweries are craft beer makers like Alesmith, Dogfish Head, Founders, Miller, Lagunitas, Miller Lite and more.

These craft brewers have a strong presence in the craft beer scene.

According to The Brewers Company, the average craft brewery has over 500 employees and employs over 7,000 people in the US.

The craft beer boom has also created jobs for Americans like bartenders, server, food servers and chefs.

In addition to all these jobs, craft breweries like Miller Brewing Company, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Molson Coors Brewing Company have created some great craft beer-related content for consumers.

These brands have a variety of craft beers, like their American IPA and their Belgian-style IPA.

All of these brands are brewed in the U.S. and some of them are brewed onsite in the same breweries.

For example, American IPA is brewed at the brewery in New Zealand, while Molson coors Brewing is brewed in California.

These beers are sold at breweries all over the world.

Craft breweries are growing the craft industry, which has helped in the industry’s ability to grow its profits.

While craft beer and the craft breweries it produces have become the number one beer drinking trend in the country, there is more to craft beer than craft beers.

According the Brewers Association, the craft market is also growing rapidly.

For instance, craft beers are on the rise across the country and the number in the market is expected to reach more than $5 billion in 2020, up 23% from the previous year.

Craft brewers are also expanding their brand names.

According a recent study conducted by market research firm Nielsen, the total value of all beer brands in the category of craft brewing is expected over the next five years to be $1.9 billion.

This is a substantial amount of money that is needed for the craft brewers to maintain their growth and create new products.

According Nielsen, a craft brewer has an annual revenue of about $4 million.

If the craft companies continue to grow, the number is expected grow to $7.3 billion by 2021.

For the craft brewer to grow to its full potential, the industry needs to focus on the product and quality of the beers that it makes.

The industry needs craft beer to become more competitive and become a larger player in the global beer market.

For that to happen, the American craft breweries need to focus more on quality.

Craft brewing is known for being extremely creative and craft brewers can have an impact on the quality of beer.

A beer made with a brewer that is truly craft will not be as good as one made by someone that has a good name and a big brand name.

This has been shown time and time again in the brewing industry, with craft brewers creating some of the most successful beer in the world, like Dogfish, Ankh, Dogwood and others.

The impact of craft brewers on the craft beers market is immense.

For one, craft brewers create a much higher quality product, as well as better taste.

According Beverage Digest, craft brewing accounts for nearly 70% of the beer sold in the beverage market.

Craft brews are also cheaper than packaged beers, making them a great way to make money.

There are many more reasons why craft breweries can be a great asset to the craft brewing industry.

The growth of the craft economy is also helping to increase the number and quality beers being made by the American breweries.

Craft companies are able to tap into the huge demand for craft beer in an increasingly competitive market, allowing craft breweries to compete in the marketplace.

The increase in the number, quality and availability of craft brews is helping to create more competition and a more competitive marketplace.