Most of us are probably familiar with the popular crafty, trendy and popular crafts of India and around the world.

But some of us also have a passion for traditional crafts.

Here are 10 things we’ve learned from the crafty and popular of India.1.

Mango flower in a glass cup.

A tea ceremony is often performed in this way.

The flowers are washed, then dipped into the cup of water that has been prepared for the ceremony.


Tango or Indian dance.

If you love Indian dance, then this is the place to go.

This dance involves two people standing on a dance floor.


Handmade candle.

These candles are a classic piece of Indian decor.


Indian sweets.

There are many traditional sweets in India.


Indian tea.

Tea is a staple of India for many.


Indian cheese.

The traditional cheese in India is made with onions, cream and garlic.


Traditional dance.

This traditional dance involves a group of dancers standing in the middle of a street.



Every time you are driving around, look for small, colorful caravans of different colors.

They are a must-see for all ages.9.

Prawn cake.

Prawn cake is a traditional dessert in India made with a thick layer of prawns and cream.


Bamboo sticks.

This simple but delicious dish makes a great side dish.