The craft industry is changing all the time.

Nowadays, nail art is becoming a huge part of the decorating landscape and the nail art market is estimated to be worth $US10 billion a year.

But how do nail art aficionados actually go about creating their own nail art?

And how can nail art be taught to someone who might never have seen it before?

To answer these questions, ABC News decided to create an expert panel of nail art experts and asked them to share their craft tips and tricks.

In the end, we were able to find nine nail art tips and strategies that nail art enthusiasts can apply to create the perfect nail art experience.

In this episode, host Nancy the Craft shares with the panel some of her nail art techniques, tips for how to create nail art from scratch, tips on how to add nail art details to your decor and tips on what to do when your friends and family ask for your signature nail art.