It was all so cute and I wanted to put it on my wall.

It would have been so much fun to hang it up with the photos.

But then I heard from the lady at the craft store, who had made me a vinyl poster.

So I went online and found the poster and I was so happy I bought it. 

“I just had to go to the craft shop and make a poster of it.

I was just really happy.

I’ve never made a poster before.” 

“So I’m like ‘Wow, you have to go for this’, but I’ve got to get it done in a reasonable time.” 

So what was the secret behind the DIY project? 

“It’s really simple,” says Hannah.

“It’s just a bunch of paper clips.

You can use whatever paper you have on hand and you just put it in a bag and take it out of the bag and hang it.

You put the paper clip on a piece of cardboard and put the cardboard over it and you put the vinyl on top and then it’s done.”

It really does make for a really simple, really cute, DIY project.” 

‘Dumbed down’ poster ‘Dumb’ by Hannah and Lacey (left) and ‘Lovely’ by Lacey and Hannah (right) are two of the posters Hannah and her friend are making. 

They were originally designed by Lissa and Liza from the Australian Crafts Museum in Melbourne and the two women have been making posters since 2012.”

So I had a little thought that if we made a bunch more posters, maybe the kids would be like ‘wow, these are really cute’.””

We were all like ‘well how are we going to tell the kids we made these?’

So I had a little thought that if we made a bunch more posters, maybe the kids would be like ‘wow, these are really cute’.”

Then Lissa came to visit us one day and she was like ‘oh you can do it.’

“I was like ok, I’ll just try it, it’s fun.

I like making posters.” 

The women were able to create these posters using simple, cheap materials. 

But the real joy came when the poster was placed on the walls of their home and people started to recognise them as a pair of “Dumb” and “Lovely” posters.

“That was so exciting.

It’s not like anything else has been made that way before,” says Lissa.

“They’re a cute, cute pair of posters that they actually feel very, very, human and very, cute.” 

Dumb and Lovely posters were created by Lisa and Lisa from the Australia Crafts Gallery. 

The poster is being used as part of the Australian Crafts Exhibition. 

Lisa says she is excited to have the opportunity to share her posters with children, and also to teach the children about their craft.

“We hope to make some really cool, cool posters for kids to make for their kids and it will be really cool for kids who don’t want to be involved in craft,” she said. 

A selection of posters made by Hannah, Lacey, and Lissa. 

Source: Hannah & Lacey

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