Crafts inspired by the witches of the world.

I had the opportunity to spend several days with some talented witch craft makers, some of whom are on the ground at the Museum of Witchcraft in Boston.

The inspiration for this article came from a trip to Boston a few years ago.

In January of 2018, the Museum was hosting a celebration of its 50th anniversary.

The Museum of Witches and Wiccans (MWW) in Boston, MA, is a large building on a former railroad line and is home to some of the most significant historical buildings in the Boston area.

I attended their annual craft fair on Saturday, which featured a show called “Witchcraft in the Art of the Craft”. 

There were some really good craft booths and workshops at this fair and the attendees were quite interested in learning more about the work of witchcraft in their community.

I was lucky enough to visit the museum during my free time and I ended up spending a lot of time with the museum staff, who were really great. 

I was also able to visit a workshop where the participants made some amazing handcrafted gifts and gifts to the community. 

This was the day that the witch craft was really on display, as the exhibit included a whole variety of handcrafted items and objects. 

The witch craft items on display included handmade paper dolls, handcrafted paper candles, handmade jewelry, handmade mugs, and handmade paper wands. 

One of the many crafts on display was a paper hat that had a wooden handle attached to it. 

You can see some of my favorite pieces of craft at the museum, including paper lanterns, paper lantern-like jewelry, and paper lantern sticks. 

When I was in the museum on Saturday I was amazed to see some beautiful handmade crafts made by the volunteers. 

Here is a photo of one of my favorites. 

Another of my favourites was a candle that I bought from the vendor and I made a wooden candle holder out of it. 

 This is a beautiful paper lantern with a wood handle. 

My favourite of all the crafts on the display was the paper lantern stick. 

It was a fun project that I had to try, but I think it turned out well. 

 The craft workshop featured a whole bunch of hand-made products, and the work was great.

 My favorite of all of the handcrafted products on display at the Witchcraft Museum in Boston was the handmade paper lantern that I made with my own hands. 

As a final thought, I would love to see the museum expand their witch craft offerings to include more items and more artists. 

There are some great crafts and I would definitely want to come back for more. 

Thank you to all the volunteers who made this happen and thank you to everyone who was interested in the exhibit.

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