Craft beer is a big category, with more than 1,500 breweries in the United Kingdom.

But while some are doing exceptionally well, there are many others struggling.

For example, Craft Breweries, an association of small craft brewers in the country, says that more than half of all beers sold in the U.K. are brewed with grain and malt, and almost 40 percent of craft beer consumed is made with ingredients such as malt, hops and yeast.

But as craft brewers grow in popularity, they’re finding themselves under pressure from the big brewers, who want to be able to compete in the same way as their bigger counterparts.

So far this year, there have been more than 4,500 craft breweries and more than 300,000 brewpubs in the British Isles.

Many of these are small, independent breweries that have taken the leap from the small brewpub model to a bigger one.

Here are the top beers that are brewing at the moment.


Blue Ridge Brewing Co. 2.

The Lost Abbey Ale Co. 3.

Lagers of the North 4.

The Hops and Grain Company 5.

The Brewing Company 6.

The Hopworks Group 7.

Blue Point Brewing Company 8.

The Craft Brews Brewery 9.

The Big House Brewery 10.

The New Zealand Brewery 11.

L’Anse aux Meadows Brewery 12.

The Lager of the South 13.

The Brewers Association 14.

The Great Escape Brewery 15.

The Brewery at the Back of the House 16.

The BrewDog Brewery 17.

The Homebrewers Collective 18.

Blue Hole Brewery 19.

Pilsner Urquell 20.

Stone Brewing Company 21.

Great Western Brewing Co 22.

Great Northern Brewing Co 23.

The Stave Brewing Company 24.

The Beer Brothers 25.

The BevBuddy Brewery 26.

The Grist Brewery 27.

The Dogfish Head Brewery 28.

The Little Beer Company 29.

The North Star Brewing Company 30.

The Stone Brewing Co 31.

The Oatmeal Stout Brewery 32.

The Kona Brewing Company 33.

The Blue Hole Brewing Company 34.

The Bierwerks Brewery 35.

The Mooze Factory 36.

The South Bank Brewery 37.

The Rumpus Brewing Company 38.

The Black Swan Brewery 39.

The Fiddler’s Brew Pub 40.

The Pilsners in the Park Brewery 41.

The Ales of the Sea Brewery 42.

The Wursten Brewing Company 43.

The Tenderloin Brewing Company 44.

The House of Fraser Brewing 45.

The Ale Factory 46.

The Red River Brewing Company 47.

The Dicks Head Brewery 48.

The Smuttynose Brewing Company 49.

The Boozer Brewery 50.

The Tap Room 51.

The Pub, The Bar and The Brewery 52.

The Flying Pig Brewery 53.

The Cactus Brewing Company 54.

The Bar & Pub 55.

The Hoppy Brewing Company 56.

The Blonde Ale Brewery 57.

The Sausage Brewery 58.

The Whisky Bar & Brewpub 59.

The West Country Brewing Company 60.

The Irish Pub 61.

The Scottish Pub 62.

The Barrel Room 63.

The The Beer Garden 64.

The Backstage Taproom 65.

The Woodland Pub 66.

The Cellar & Bar 67.

The Leaky Cauldron 68.

The Glass House 69.

The Millhouse 70.

The Cafe 71.

The Market Place 72.

The Cocktail Lounge 73.

The Wine Cellar 74.

The Lounge 75.

The Café 76.

The Club 77.

The Grill 78.

The Coffee Shop 79.

The Food Court 80.

The Tea Room 81.

The Kitchen 82.

The Beach Club 83.

The Gym 84.

The Sports Lounge 85.

The Pool Table 86.

The Ballroom 87.

The Salon 88.

The Yoga Studio 89.

The Living Room 90.

The Fitness Center 91.

The Bowling Alley 92.

The Shops 93.

The Garden 94.

The Playground 95.

The Garage 96.

The Bike Shop 97.

The Tennis Court 98.

The Waterpark 99.

The Dancefloor 100.

The Movie Theatre 101.

The Outback 101.

Bar 102.

The Hotel 103.

The Store 104.

The Restaurant 105.

The Mall 106.

The Bedroom 107.

The Office 108.

The Study 109.

The Attic 110.

The Deck 111.

The Bench 112.

The Table 113.

The Screen 114.

The TV 115.

The Bathroom 116.

The Toilet 117.

The Floor 118.

The Wheelbarrow 119.

The Couch 120.

The Pantry 121.

The Swimming Pool 122.

The Balcony 123.

The Desk 124.

The Counter 125.

The Mirror 126.

The Dishwasher 127.

The Lamp 128.

The Vanity 129.

The Appliance 130.

The Sandbox 131.

The Piano 132.

The Cookbook 133.

The Cleaner 134.

The Wall 135.

The Refrigerator 136.

The Washroom 137.

The Air Conditioner 138.

The Garbage Can 139.

The Sewing Machine 140.

The Clothes Dry

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