Dear Reader,As I write this, I have a box of Batman merchandise waiting for me.

It’s a very limited set of three limited-edition pieces, but I’m happy to share them with you because they’re a great gift for someone who enjoys the Batman universe.

I was inspired to create these pieces from my own personal comic book collection.

As an adult, I love to read my comics, but the Batman comics I grew up reading are more about my favorite heroes, villains, and mythologies.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was my favorite series of the Batman Animated Series.

In the series, Batman travels the world fighting crime, saving innocent people, and solving problems, all while fighting for justice.

It was one of my favorite books of all time. 

The first Batman book I ever purchased was Batman #18, written by Jack Kirby. 

Kirby’s story is about the Joker, who was originally inspired by the character from the original Batman cartoon. 

After becoming obsessed with Batman, Kirby began to take liberties with the character’s origins. 

Batman #19 features a new, much more serious take on the Joker. 

This was one Kirby did with Batman in Batman: Year One, which was published in 1978. 

Here, Joker becomes more realistic. 

In Batman: Detective Comics #10, written in 1981, Kirby introduces the Joker to the readers of the title. 

He’s the first villain in the Batman Universe to actually become a real villain, and he becomes an extremely dangerous character. 

With Batman #22, written the same year as Batman #19, we see that Joker has developed an incredibly complex and sophisticated personality. 

I also really like the artwork in Batman #30, written as Batman and Robin #1, where Joker is the hero in his own right. 

“I’m the Joker.” 

When I was in my teens, my friend used to call me “the Joker,” but we both just referred to him as “I” for short.

He was always telling me, “I’m so much more than that.” 

After he retired, I got into a lot of trouble with the law. 

So one day, I was hanging out with my friends and he invited me over to his house for a drink. 

We went over to a lake and played a few rounds of pool, and then he invited us to go to his apartment. 

When we arrived, we found out he had a little girl with him. 

She was wearing a mask and cape, and she was carrying a knife. 

It was just like this moment in my life. 

Then I started to feel a little bit weird. 

One of the reasons I felt that way is because I was wearing this costume and I could hear the Joker laughing from somewhere behind me. 

But then he walked up to me and started telling me that I was his best friend. 

Joker: You’re a real hero.

Batman #28, written between 1987 and 1989, was the first issue of the comic book series I wrote, Batman: Adventures of the Joker and Robin. 

As I mentioned earlier, Joker was a real-life villain who was created for the television series Batman: Gotham City Sirens. 

During this time, Joker became an extremely violent, violent character.

He’s one of the most evil and cruel villains in the entire Batman mythology. 

Although the Joker was portrayed as a hero on television, he was actually a criminal who was often a bad guy. 

At one point, he killed two policemen. 

While Joker was in prison, he got a job as a burglar. 

His goal was to rob people of money and other valuables. 

Now, it wasn’t until the TV show that I learned about Batman and the Batman family. 

That’s when I discovered that Batman was actually the father of Batman’s twin sons. 

And it was a very exciting story to read. 

These days, Joker is one of a few villains who is actually the son of Batman and has grown up with him, and is willing to do anything for him.

So, when I read this book, I couldn’t help but feel a strong connection to Batman. 

My love for Batman is strong and solid, and I’m thankful that I’m a part of the family that makes up Batman’s family.

Batman is a big part of my identity. 

There’s also this other story in Batman that was written in the early 1980s.

This was Batman: Dark Knight Strikes Again. 

A young Bruce Wayne had a dream.

It was to become Batman.

After graduating from college, Bruce Wayne joined the Batman team and became a member of the team, eventually becoming Batman’s partner.

In this story, Batman is sent on a mission to retrieve a weapon that has been stolen from a military base in Afghanistan. 

Bruce Wayne was a bit

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