A dollar tree is a beautiful piece of art and a beautiful gift for any holiday.

The American tree has been a favorite gift for decades and has been an important symbol of the American spirit.

But now, it’s in trouble, and it has lost one of its main selling points.

In recent years, a number of dollar trees have been damaged, and now many of the trees in Israel are also in danger.

The Israeli government is cracking down on the tree’s owners.

In recent months, more than a dozen trees have also been destroyed, and at least five trees have already been cut down.

This is a major blow to the American dollar tree, said Yael Elitzur, the owner of the Elitzura.

“I’m really angry, because the American tree is one of my favorite trees.

I bought it for my daughter, who is now studying history at Hebrew University.

It’s beautiful.

And then there are some dollar trees that are damaged, but these are also my favorite.”

For decades, Elitzurb and his wife had purchased and cared for the tree, which they kept in their home.

The tree is so beautiful, he said, that they wanted to make it a holiday tradition.

“We’re going to celebrate it, with our family, with my family, our friends, our neighbors, and we’re going be able to sell the tree for $20,000,” Elitzurt said.

But this year, they decided to cut down all the trees.

“It was a decision that I made, because I realized it’s not going to be a good thing,” Elitsur said.

“It’s not good for the environment, it doesn’t provide for us in terms of employment.

It hurts us financially, because we don’t get to celebrate with the tree.”

While the Elitsurs and their family are not expecting any big profits, they are planning to start a new business, Elitsuri said.

The business will sell the dollar tree in Israel, but they will not be doing any other business.

In a statement released to The Jerusalem Mail, the Israeli government said it was considering ways to restore the trees and that it was working to make sure the trees can be used in other countries.

The government said that it will consult with the American Tree Company and other organizations to see if other countries are interested in purchasing the trees, but in the meantime, the trees will be taken down.

“We have also begun consultations with other organizations, including with the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the American National Bank,” the statement said.

“Israel is committed to the protection of the country’s forests and our culture and will continue to protect them,” the government said.

The Israeli government did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This article has been updated to include comments from the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.

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