Crafts for Father’s Day, and for many others, are all about taking your imagination and making things with your hands. 

These crafty crafts can include: Christmas ornament craft, candle making, pendant making, jewelry making, glass making, embroidery and more.

Here’s what you need to know about making an ornament from a baby’s gift:1.

What you’ll need to do1.1 A candle or candle holder (I like this one, which is available at the craft store) 2.

A few candles or candles to make (this one is my favourite and I’m using one from my grandmother’s house) 3.

Some glitter and glue 4.

A wooden dowel to form the base of the ornament 5.

A paintbrush and/or marker to paint the base and edges 6.

A small paintbrush to fill in the areas of the base where the decoration will be placed on the dowel 7. 

A wooden dowle 8.

A pair of scissors 9.

A brush to draw the decoration onto the dowle.10. 

Scissors 11. 

Glitter 12. Hair glue 13. 

Masking tape 14. Sandpaper 15. 

Sticky tape 16. 

Spray bottle 17. 

Bucket 18. 

Paintbrush 19. Tape 20. 

Paper towels 21. 

Cotton swabs 22. Wax paper 23. 

Cloth 24. 

Fiberglass 25. 

Sponge 26. 

Pencil 27. 

Plastic gloves 28. 

Lotion 29. 

Painter’s tape 30. Duct tape 31. 

Thread 32. 

Small piece of scrap paper 33. 

Vase decoration 34. 

Glass ornament 35. 

Craft paper 36. 

Flowers 37. 

Candle 38. 

Ribbons 39. 

Wooden spoon 40. 

Chalk 41. 

To make an ornament, take a piece of paper or scrap paper and draw a circle around the circle of the decoration.

Take another piece of the paper or paper scrap and draw another circle around that circle.

Then draw a second circle around it.

Then repeat for the base.1.2 Cut the paper into two pieces of the same size (it should be about half the size of your candle holder or candle). 

Take one piece of this paper and make a hole in the center of it. 

Now, cut a piece out of the other piece and put it inside the hole you made. 

2: The base3.2 Put the paper scrap into the hole in your paper.4.3 Using a piece you made, make a ring around the paper. 

5: Create a circle on the base that is equal in size to the hole 6: Use a pencil or paintbrush, a nail file or a knife to trace a small area around the ring. 

7: Using a ruler, draw a line through the ring and trace another line through the circle you made in step 1. 

8: Use the ruler to trace another small line around the other side of the ring 9: Use your fingernail to trace around the outside of the circle, leaving the circle as it was in step 2. 

10: Use glue or glitter to fill up any gaps. 

11: Paint the circles 12: Use glitter or glitter 13: Spray paint the circle 14: Apply tape to the back of the doweling 15: Add glitter or glue 16: Paint or spray paint the edges 17: Use a marker 18: Fold a piece that is not the dowelling into the ring, make a circle from it, and put a piece from the dowelle inside the circle. 

19: Repeat steps 11 and 12 20: Put a piece 20 on top of the candle 21: Fill in the holes 22: Start by creating a small circle with a smaller diameter 23: Create a circle 24: Draw a circle, using a ruler 25: Make a smaller circle 26: Pour glitter or a glitter glue 27: Using a paintbrush 28: Set up a small piece 29: Grow a flower 30: Build a bouquet 31: Cut a flower in half 32: Do the same 33: Pick up a piece  34: Decorate the bouquet with glitter or more glitter 35: Take a candle 36: Mix glitter or wax 37: Stick glitter or another glitter 38: Sprinkle glitter 39

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