Pokemon Go has created a buzz around the world with its popularity.

But for many, Easter is also the perfect time to craft a beer or brew a cider.

This Easter Craft beer is sure to please all who love beer, cider and craft. 

“This beer is brewed with all of our favorite beers and cider,” said Mark Clements, Founder and Brewmaster at The Nest Brewery in Portland, Oregon.

“This brew is an homage to our love of beer and the craft beer culture, and to the incredible work that the craft brewing industry does.

We are using all of the tools we know and love to create this beer, which is brewed using our love for beer and our passion for the craft.”

The Nest Brewery has been brewing beer and cider for a decade, and they are known for their delicious craft beer.

Clements and his wife, Michelle, started The Nest Brewing Co. with their two children in 2016.

They started out making beer for themselves, but now have expanded to brew beer for their entire family.

“It was a little weird, but we’re all so excited to have the Nest team in our corner,” Clements said.

“They’re all incredibly smart, hard working people and have a passion for craft beer.”

The craft beer is named after the two children, Caleb and Lily.

Cesters’ wife Michelle also made the name for the beer, so it will definitely fit in the family’s home.

The Nest is located in the Portland, OR area, just outside of Portland.

The brew has a 6% ABV and has a 4.4% alcohol by volume (ABV).

“This is definitely a great Easter craft beer, with all the fun and family fun of being crafty,” Cates said.

The Nest has released a couple of other beers as well, like the Goose Island Pumpkin Ale and the Goose Bay Porter.

The pumpkin ale is a beer made with a blend of hops, corn, oats and spices.

“It’s definitely a sweet beer, and really a very tasty beer,” Cales said.

Clements and Michelle are also passionate about their craft beer craft.

Cales has brewed for over 30 years and has brewed beer for generations.

His oldest son, Caleb, now has his own brewery, and Michelle’s son, Dylan, also runs a craft brewery in his backyard.

Cases like these help create a sense of community, Clements says.

“The craft community is just so awesome,” Cables said. 

The Nest is planning to launch their first beer in the fall.

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