article Japan’s largest fashion house, Yoshi craft world, has officially opened its doors in Japan’s fashion capital Tokyo.

The building was designed by famed Japanese fashion designer Yuki Yoshiwara and has been located in the Ginza district of Tokyo for more than three years.

The opening comes just two months after Yoshida and his team opened the Japanese version of the flagship Yoshida Gallery in Tokyo, which they opened in 2012.

The new Yoshida Crafts shop, Yoshida Studio, will be Yoshida’s second fashion store in the world, and it will open in the same Tokyo area as the gallery.

Yoshida says that the new shop will be open to the public during the next two weeks, with a few details still being ironed out.

“The shop will open to everyone in the area, so we will open it for the public at the end of next month,” he said.

“We will have all the products at our shop, including Yuki’s designs, so people can choose from the products.”

Yoshi Crafts will be selling designer clothes, footwear, shoes and accessories from a variety of Japanese brands.

Yoshi Craft’s first store in Japan was opened in 2005 and was quickly recognised as one of the best in the industry.

In recent years, Yoshidas flagship shop has also seen increased activity, with its number of visitors rising by about 20 per cent each year.

“We have seen a tremendous growth in the number of guests coming to Yoshi Craft,” said Yoshida, who has a history of working with Japanese brands, including Japanese designer Yoko Ono, who is among the best-selling women designers in the country.

“So we are really looking forward to the new year,” he added.

“Yoshi craft world has a rich history, it has been in existence for a long time, but the new building is the culmination of a great deal of hard work by our team.”

Yoshidas flagship shop opened in Japan in 2005, but it has since expanded and grown into one of Tokyo’s most popular retail destinations, selling a diverse range of fashion and lifestyle items.

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