The Craft Revival is a community-run craft shop in the Nether that sells Minecraft crafts.

Its mission is to help players create more of what they want, whether it be jewelry, armor, crafting, furniture, or even clothing.

We sat down with one of its founders to talk about the company and its mission.

“What we do is bring together the best of what is out there, and we have a very large selection of items that we sell that are completely handmade.

We do have a large selection that is designed specifically for the player,” explains co-founder and CEO Nick Johnson.

“And that’s really what our mission is.

We’re trying to make Minecraft an affordable, fun, and fun place to make whatever you want.”

The store was originally started in 2014 by two friends, Jason, an IT professional, and Aaron, a video game developer.

They met at a Minecraft meetup and eventually realized they had the same passion for Minecraft.

After making the business decisions, they decided to merge and become a company together.

“We started out selling clothing and then we realized, you know, you’re just not going to make money off of that.

You’re not going do anything with it,” Johnson says.

“So, we had to look for other ways to make our money and started selling Minecraft hats.

And then we sold some Minecraft swords.

We have a really nice selection of weapons.

We sell a bunch of weapons and accessories.”

The shop is in its fourth year.

Johnson says that the company has sold over 2,000 hats, more than 1,200 swords, and nearly 600 pieces of armor and clothing.

And they’ve been able to expand into jewelry and furniture.

“I think that’s our most popular product,” he says.

The shop has been around since 2014, but has recently added a second store in San Francisco.

The store has also been expanding into new categories, such as clothing and furniture, but it also sells jewelry and accessories.

Johnson says that he plans to expand the store to cover more areas of the world.

“And we’re also looking to expand beyond that, to bring in products like clothing, furniture and other things that we have not even thought of yet,” he said.

“That’s what we’re going to do, and it’s really going to help us grow the business.”

Johnson says the company does not have a lot of funding, but that it’s still in the process of building a store that will bring more people into the shop and help them make their own custom items.

The shop is currently accepting pre-orders on its website.