The next generation of toy K9s is finally here, and this one looks like it’ll be even more adorable than the ones we’ve already had.

In a new trailer, we get to see the K9 come to life, and as a result we’re reminded that this time, not only is the toy designed to look cute, it’s also a great way to learn more about dogs and dog breeds.

The new toy features the same “fuzzy” and “hazy” color scheme as the original K9, but it’s now called the K-9.

We get to sit down and watch it in action, which is always fun when the toys you love can be so much more.

You’ll be able to pick up the K1 in August, and it’s set to retail for $34.99.

The K9 comes with a variety of different toys, including a “fussy” version of the K3 that is a bit more of a toy dog.

It has two different colors of the new toy, a gray one with “fancy fur” and a pink one with more of an animal-inspired design.

The gray version is more of the standard gray color, but the pink version is slightly more of this fun pink color, and comes with the K7 toy that comes with everything from treats to chew toys.

This K9 is the newest addition to the K8 line, which has been selling quite well since it launched last year.

The company has added two new colors to the line, the same colors of which the K2s are based on.

The pink K2, for example, comes with two treats: a pink and white one that is the exact same color as the K5, and a black one that isn’t as brightly colored.

This is the second K9 that the company is releasing, after releasing the K6 in September, which we’re expecting to release later this year.

K9 will be available on August 22.

Check out the new trailer below, which was made by the Kdog Team, and click through to see more images.