By making a vinyl box out of cardboard and wood, you can make a craft-quality piece of art in your home.

DIY crafts like this are all about finding creative ways to make a DIY project that you can share with friends.

Here are the DIY DIY craft projects you’ll need to complete this project.

MaterialsYou need:1×3′x2′ vinyl (or a cardboard box)1×4′x4′ vinyl sheet(I used 2″x4″)1″x2″ plywood1×6″ wood screws(I bought these online at Home Depot)1/2″x3″ piece of cardboardCut a piece of plywood to size1/4″ (1.5 cm) for the back side, and 1/4″ (1 cm) on each side2″×4″ vinyl (cut to fit the backside)2″ wood screw (cut in half)1 x 4′x8′ wood screws1/8″ wood glue (optional)Cut a hole in the back of the plywood2×4 wood screws (cut into halves)2×6 wood screwsCut the wood screws2×2 wood screws to fit into the back (the backside needs to be screwed to the sides)Cut the plyboard to size2″ piece (cut on the sides of the piece)1 inch plywood4″ pieceCut the pieces of wood to fit together4″x8″ piece, or 1 1/2″ pieceCut a notch in the top of the back piece to make it easier to remove and move pieces3/4 inch wood screws on each of the pieces2″ pieces of ply wood4″ pieces cut from the piece you cut to fit (optional; cut 2″ pieces off the top)3/8 inch wood screw on each piece2×8 wood screwsOn the back, cut the wood and cut the screwsCut a 3/4 hole in each piece to allow the wood to slide into the box2×3 wood screws and 3/8 wood screw screws on the back2×5 wood screws3/16 wood screwson the back and sides1″ wood bolt on each cornerCut the sides off of the box to make them easier to slide in (cut 2″ wood off each corner, and 3″ wood on the bottom)2×2 wood screw pieces4″ wood bolts (cut the pieces off and attach to the wood using a small file)1 piece of wood screwsThe back of your box needs to slide down and down until it sits in the middle of the space between the ply board and the back.

Make sure you have a flat surface, and a piece that doesn’t slip when the box slides in place.

Cut the pieces in half and fold them over so they are parallel to the side of the cardboard.

Fold the top back half down and glue it to the bottom.

Now you can glue the box back together.

The box is ready to slide on.

Cut 4″ pieces in the center of the top and fold the other half over.

Fold one piece up to make an opening for the screws.

You can also glue the top to the back if you want to glue it in place, but it’s optional.

Attach the screws to the ply, and glue the front of the wooden frame to the front.

Slide the box in place and you’re done!

You can make the box with any wood that you like, but you’ll want to make sure you use wood that is a little harder than normal to make the pieces that hold it in.

You don’t want to be glueing pieces together that are going to break and get stuck in the wood, or that are too big.

For a sturdy cardboard box, I’d recommend using a 1×2 or 3×4, depending on the thickness of your plywood.

To make the wooden frames, cut a piece (4″ x 2″) to fit your wood frame.

Cut a piece out of 2×4 (3.5cm x 1.5″), and cut a 3×2 piece (2.5m x 2.5mm).

Make sure that your wood pieces are about 1.75″ thick and that you have them lined up with the edges of the wood frame so that the wood pieces don’t get stuck.

Cut a 4″ piece out from the back corner of the frame, and cut 2×2 pieces (1″ x 1″) from each corner.

Make one 4″x5″ piece.

Cut an opening in the ply for the wood bolts and 2×6 pieces, and attach them to the pieces using a wood screw.

You could also use glue for the holes in the sides and the bottom of the holes.

You may need to cut the holes to make these fit.

To glue the pieces together, cut 2 pieces of 6″x7″ wood from the wood on top, and

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