Craftsman Patrick McGovern has been busy preparing sea shells for the coming years.

And with an eye toward sustainability, he’s already taken a few steps to make them as clean and simple as possible.

McGovern, owner of The Salt Company, has been working on making sea shells with recycled paper since 2012.

Now he’s finally ready to make sea shells that look like real salt.

He says he’s gotten more and more feedback on the designs he’s created so far.

McGillis also recently teamed up with a team of marine scientists from the University of Tasmania, who are currently studying sea shells to see if they can tell a good story.

“I’m not trying to tell the story here,” he says.

“But I’ve actually been able to do some really interesting work.”

For now, the salt shells are available in three different sizes.

One size is about the size of a quarter and can be used for making a sandwich.

Another is a small size that’s ideal for making marinades.

And the final size is the biggest.

The size can be ordered through McGoverns website.

McGriss says the designs that he’s made are very similar to what we’re used to.

“We’ve tried to create a sea shell with the same kind of shape as we use today,” he explains.

McGuire says he hopes that the new designs will encourage people to make salt shells in the future.

“If you’re out in the ocean, the sea is beautiful,” he said.

“It’s a really wonderful place to be, but it’s also an ocean, and there’s a lot of things that go on there.

And I think it’s important that people learn how to get the best out of the sea, and if they have a problem with the way it looks, there’s always a solution.”