Anil’s Craft store, located in the village of Sonepura, has become one of the first to sell its first-ever Indian sweets.

Anil Agkarwal, who started selling sweets in her home village, said her family and their friends would make sweets for a few days a week and then sell them at the store.

She said that when she opened her first store a few years ago, the customers were all from around the country.

“We have grown so much.

We have made friends in every corner of India.

My store is in the heart of Kolkata and the neighbourhood is filled with customers.

It’s a big market and our store is one of a kind.

I have seen many stores and we are always looking to expand,” she said.

Agarwal has been selling her sweets in Sonepsura for over 20 years.

Her store has become so popular that she sells her sweets there for the entire year.

Her family, however, is now looking to extend their business beyond the local area.

The Agarwals, who live in the same village, started selling their first-fruits and vegetables at the shop in 2014.

Over the years, the family has added a range of items like fruit, sweets, fruit juice, vegetable oil, sugar, and biscuits.

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