A simple way to add some sparkle to your holiday shopping: make crafts.

Crafts can be anything from crafts to gift wrap, and even a couple of homemade candy trays.

You’ll need: – A craft kit: I love these little mini craft kits, but I usually only make crafts from a single craft.

You can also buy a DIY kit for $4.99, and make your own with a couple basic tools.

– Small pots: A pot for a candy dish, a bowl for a china dish, and a candy scoop for a mint.

If you want to make a lot of craft supplies, you can also get some plastic containers for small pots and bowls.

I love these tiny metal pots from Craftsy that you can use to make candy and china dishes, or make candy-like shapes to play with in your favorite crafts project.

A good way to make things for a big event is to get creative with some craft supplies.

Make some candy and cookies for your favorite family gathering, or you can make candy cups and cups of ice cream for a party.

Want to make your holiday gift, but don’t have a lot to work with?

Craft supplies are a great way to get started with gift wrapping.

You’ll need some paper for the gift, a craft kit, and scissors.

For some extra festive inspiration, try using these craft supplies to make an elaborate gift for a friend, or to make decorations for your birthday or anniversary.

Here are a few more fun Valentine’s day craft ideas:  A small, candy-colored plastic container for candy dish.

These colorful paper craft kits come in a range of colors.

Create a cute paper gift for your significant other.

Cut up a large, chocolate-colored cookie and throw it into your candy dish!

Make a small candy cup for a cup of ice tea!

Create and print this cute holiday ornament using a candy-tray, paper, and glitter.

Print this candy-themed print on a simple card for your kids.

Have your kids print a small print-on-demand card with a picture of Santa, using the print-out kit they bought.

Use the candy-print card to make this adorable Christmas ornament.

Throw a chocolate-trayed gift card into your craft kit and decorate it with a few colorful candies and cookies.

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