We’re delighted to announce that Minecraft: A Game of Seasons has been selected as the official game trailer of the Minecraft: The Board Game by the Mojang team, with the team also announcing a new award for the best trailer of 2017!

We’re particularly pleased to be celebrating the game’s release with a special Minecraft: Minecraft: Season Two!

The second season is expected to launch on October 7th, 2017.

Minecraft: Season One and the first Minecraft game launched in October 2016.

It introduced players to the world of Minecraft through its first-person, open-world sandbox mode and was later expanded to a world with over 30 new buildings and quests, including The King’s Chamber, The Forge, The Mine, The Sewers, The Nether, and The End.

This expansion added new, more complex elements and made Minecraft a truly unique experience.

The original Minecraft was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360 and later for Windows.

In 2016, Minecraft: Game Update 1.2 introduced new features, such as new building types and items, new mobs, and new worlds.

For more information about the game, check out the official Minecraft website.

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