Google has been working hard to reduce the cost of craft beer at its stores and in its distribution network, as it expands its presence in India. 

The company, which has been expanding its presence across India, has recently been expanding the scope of its craft beer offerings, and has made some progress in terms of sourcing locally-made beer, which will allow it to provide craft beer in smaller batches and at lower prices.

The search giant has been experimenting with local-made beers to offer a more affordable option, and is also looking at developing products for local consumption. 

According to a blog post by its India head of operations, Vishal Thakur, Google has started to look at a number of potential local products, including beer made in a small-batch process.

The search giant is currently experimenting with a small batch of beer made from locally-sourced hops and malt, which is meant to help the beer be made in less time and in a way that doesn’t have a large impact on the quality of the product. 

This is in line with Google’s commitment to developing products that are made in the country, so that its customers will feel more comfortable buying its products from India, Thakumur said. 

One of the key issues for Google in India is the cost for beer, and in the long run, it is going to have to lower the price of beer in India, because of the increased demand from the population, said Google India’s general manager and director of product strategy, Anupam Bhattacharya. 

Bhattachary said Google is working on lowering the price and is now trying to make it cheaper than the price in the US. 

There are currently more than 1,000 craft breweries in India that brew beer, including more than 70 breweries in Punjab province. 

“In order to make the beer cheaper, we are trying to find out what other ways can be found to make cheaper beer in the same way as in the USA, which have some of the highest quality of craft beers,” Bhattacary said.

Bhattacarya said Google’s efforts in India are focused on providing the right products and ingredients that will make the product more affordable, so customers can enjoy it at the right time. 

In a blogpost on Monday, Google India Chief Marketing Officer Kunal Kumar said the search giant wants to make beer more accessible in India as it will help reduce the number of customers that can’t afford to spend time to get their hands on a quality product.

“We are working hard on the product and delivery process for local craft beer,” Kumar wrote. 

India’s craft beer consumption has grown by more than 20% in 2016 to about 60 million people. 

Currently, Google sells about 7,000 beers per day in India; it is expected to reach 20 million daily by 2021.