NFL players, owners and executives from around the league weighed in on the recent vote by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to establish a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for the NFL.

Here’s a look at the players’ reactions.

Players:The players’ association voted 6-0 Thursday to adopt the CBA.

The union says it will send the resolution to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his approval, which is expected Friday.

The players have been on strike since January over a new labor agreement that requires all teams to share in the costs of stadium renovations and the NFLPA says that could put players at a competitive disadvantage with other professional sports leagues.

The NFLPA has said that any collective bargaining contract with the league will be “informally approved” and the union is asking that Goodell sign off on the proposal.

NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle has said the league is not prepared to enter into any such negotiations.NFL Players Association President Eric Winston, left, speaks with players and general managers at the conclusion of a meeting on the proposed new labor deal.

NFLPA president Eric Winston speaks with the media after the union’s executive board voted 6–0 Thursday on a new CBA for the league.AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File NFL players’ executive board member Ed Reed says the union won’t negotiate with the NFL on the new labor contract, which it hopes will be ratified by the NFL Players Association.

“It is a collective bargaining deal,” Reed told the Associated Press.

“The players are the ones who are going to get their share of the money.”

The vote comes after a three-day strike by NFL players began Jan. 26.

NFL players say they are being unfairly paid for the work they put in to help build stadiums and stadiums have become a source of income for the teams.

Reed said that while the NFL will continue to work with the players on a collective negotiating agreement, the players “will not be in a position to negotiate for the rest of the season or beyond.”

Reed added that if the players want to negotiate a new contract with their union, they will have to negotiate with Goodell first.

The union has also asked for the release of a new rule that would allow teams to designate players who are on injured reserve as part of their training staff.

Players have been among the NFL’s most outspoken supporters of the new CSA, saying that it will improve the league’s bottom line and help players get back on the field.NFL players who voted against the CSA say that while it is a good start, they still want the league to maintain the current collective bargaining agreements and the players will continue their efforts to help the players.

“We’re going to keep fighting to get our share of that money,” Reed said.

The new CPA will also help players in negotiations with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for a new uniform code and other benefits, the union said.NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks during the first day of the NFL owners meetings in Orlando, Fla., on Jan. 27, 2019.NFL owners meet Jan. 28-30 in Orlando.