Farm and fishing dealmakers are in limbo as the Trump Administration seeks to impose a buyout clause on farm and fisheries deals.

But the White House is trying to push the issue to a new front by invoking the “Buy American Act” in the Senate, which would limit the ability of businesses to pay for environmental protection measures.

The Farm Bill is a key component of the president’s “America First” economic agenda, which has made the farming industry a top priority of his administration.

On Tuesday, the Senate Agriculture Committee approved the buyout bill, which is now on its way to the full Senate for consideration.

The buyout provision would make it difficult for farm and fishers to pay back loans they took out for environmental remediation projects.

“The Buy American Act would make buying farms and fishing companies from abroad in this way difficult for U.S. farmers and fishermen,” the agriculture committee said in a report.

Under the new legislation, the government could also “impose a moratorium on all imports of agricultural products from certain foreign countries, or impose tariffs on certain imports.” “

This legislation would also require the government to divest from companies that have violated the EARs, and the government would be required to take appropriate actions to enforce the EAR regulations.”

Under the new legislation, the government could also “impose a moratorium on all imports of agricultural products from certain foreign countries, or impose tariffs on certain imports.”

The buyouts, which are expected to cost the federal government $4.5 billion, are being proposed as part of the farm bill, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

A recent study by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office said the Buy American program would have “an immediate and positive impact on farm, fisher, and forestry exports,” as well as the country’s “health and well-being.”

“The buyout program is critical for helping American businesses compete in global markets,” said Senate Agriculture Subcommittee Chairman Jeff Flake, a Republican from Arizona, who is also a member of the committee.

“There are hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracts, and these funds are crucial for U,S.

businesses to expand and expand.”

But the buyouts are not the only environmental problems the farm and seafood industry faces.

According to the report, the federal seafood industry has been the victim of a massive $13 billion trade deficit since 2010, as well a $5 billion “trade deficit” with China, which accounts for nearly one-third of the trade deficit with the U.K. and about half of the total trade deficit between the U,K.

And that trade deficit has “been largely attributed to the U.,K.’s failure to adopt the UDRO (U.S.-EU Free Trade Agreement) and to enact stronger and more stringent UDROs than other nations.”

In addition, “the U.M.F.F., the U and U.N.F.’s ‘Buy American’ program has had a negative impact on U.A.F.-related production, jobs and the value of U.B.C. seafood exports, the UB.

F-U.N.’s trade deficit, and its role in the export market for UB-Bolivia products.”

“We must take actions to support American farmers, fishers and ranchers,” said Flake, who introduced the legislation.

“It is critical that the farm industry has a chance to continue growing and prosper.”

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