President Donald Trump’s administration says his Annies craft are so great.

Trump, in a White House video, said, “We are so happy.

Annies and crafts are so much fun.”

Trump also said his Annys “are so great.”

Annies Craft: President Trump Annies have been the center of the president’s fashion for years.

President Trump, in the White House White House Office of Public Engagement, said that Annies can be a “great gift” for the people.

The president said his daughter, Ivanka Trump, has been so excited about her work that she’s been going to Annies shops to get her ideas for clothes and gifts.

He added that her sister, Trumps wife, Jared Kushner, also is a fan.

The White House said it is also working to make Annies products available to retailers and other groups that have a need.

The White House also said the administration is “working to bring a new level of excitement and excitement for people around the country who want to make beautiful Annies for Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s.

The president said Annies will continue to be a top priority for his administration.

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