I spent last night in my home studio.

And, yes, that’s the studio where my favorite movie, The Lego Movie, was shot, which was filmed in a similar way.

But I’ve made some pretty fun things out of my little toy box for years.

This weekend I’m going to share some of my favorite Lego things.

The first is my first ever Lego block, the Happy Birthday, which is actually an homage to my favorite kid movie, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I made it using an old, unused, LEGO block.

But you can also make one out of a piece of cardboard and glue it together, or just use some scraps of paper to create a Lego-shaped object.

The Happy Birthday was made out of Lego pieces, but I used cardboard and a few scraps of cardboard for the pieces.

The second and last piece is a toy box full of little, round Lego blocks.

I love these.

The blocks are pretty large and they come in all different colors and sizes.

If you’re interested in making your own LEGO toys, check out these tips from the official Lego Ideas site.

The instructions say to use a small hole punch to punch holes in the blocks.

Then use the glue gun to build the box out of the blocks, which you can do with scissors or a file.

But if you want to make something a little more creative, I highly recommend getting the Lego Block Creator.

The box itself has an entire room full of bricks, which can be made with a few blocks.

For a full-sized box, I made one with only two blocks, and it came out great.

The last piece, the Lego Lego Bricks, is made out with some Lego bricks and cardboard.

I also made a little box using a little scrap of paper, which turned out great, too.

But here’s a little sneak peek at some of the more interesting things you can make out of your own little Lego box.

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