Craft store craft stores are all over the country these days.

Many of them are owned by small businesses and are known for their handmade craft items.

But the craft aisle at your local craft store may be filled with more than just craft products.

There are some big Christmas trees being sold at craft stores.

Many are made of paper, and some are made from recycled paper.

It’s a new trend, and the craft store owners have started to embrace it.

“We’re seeing it,” said Maryann O’Connor, a co-owner of the Kinsale Crafts in Minnesota.

“People are asking for it.

They’re finding ways to use it.”

A craft store craft store is located in a large, brightly lit room, with colorful lights that flash on and off to keep the spirits of Christmas at bay.

It may look like the typical Christmas tree, but it’s actually a large and beautiful one.

KinsaleCrafts sells Christmas trees for $7 to $12, and it has an array of Christmas crafts you can make.

O’Leary is an artist, and her work has been seen on a number of Christmas specials around the country.

Some of the Christmas crafts are so creative that they could be called art.

Here are a few of the more unusual ones.

A Christmas tree with a candle attached to it.

The paper craft can be a Christmas tree that’s wrapped in paper and decorated with lights.

It can be done with a variety of materials, from a plastic sheet to metal.

O’Leary said she got the idea to make a tree for a family that had an elderly relative who was ill.

“It’s a way to help people who are suffering,” O’Brien said.

“There’s no other way you can help people in a way that’s festive.”

In her shop, the paper crafts are handmade with scraps from the tree, as well as a variety, of traditional Christmas decorations, including a miniature Santa Claus and a miniature Rudolph.

O’tsley said she sells about a dozen of these crafts every year.

The Kinsales, a family-owned and operated craft store in Kinsaleb, Minnesota, said it started doing these Christmas tree decorations about five years ago.

“My sister-in-law, she’s a big fan of craft,” O’tley said.

O’tsly said it took a few years before the family started receiving requests from people for these Christmas decorations.

She said she started selling them through her store on Christmas Eve.

“A lot of people want to make something out of these paper Christmas trees,” O&A said.

The company has about 10 branches in the U.S. and Canada.

In 2015, O&Ahlin said, they started to see more requests for paper crafts in the craft section.

“You get people that are just so into craft and wanting to do something with it,” Oahlin said.

One Christmas tree can cost $4 to $7 depending on the size of the tree.

O&Awlin said she has seen a lot of different requests.

“There’s one person who wants a $5 paper craft,” she said.

The person who bought it had to make it herself, and that person said the item was so beautiful that they were excited to give it a try.

O&Awlins handmade tree is a beautiful one, O’Awlin told ABC News.

The decorations were handmade from recycled newspaper from the grocery store, so it has a lot more than the traditional Christmas tree.

A small paper craft for a baby.

One of the most interesting and unique of the paper craft items is a paper craft with a tiny hole cut out in the back for a miniature Christmas tree to sit in.

The tiny hole is decorated with a string, which makes the tree a little more comfortable to sit on.

“The idea is to take a little bit of paper and paint it on and then take a piece of string and string it all the way around,” Oohlin said of her craft.

“It’s just so beautiful.”

It can be quite the effort for someone to make this little craft, but O&Ansley hopes it will inspire people to get creative with the craft.

“I think it’s really important to share that the world has got a lot in common,” O’daly said.

“One thing I think about Christmas is I think there’s a lot to celebrate,” O &Awlin added.

“The world is a big place, and we have to be thankful that we live in a world that we can all have fun and share with each other.”

O&Ahlins daughter, Emma, is a fourth grader at the Kansale School of Arts and Sciences in Kansali, Minnesota.

She is a major in art history, and she said she hopes her crafts will help bring people together.

“Christmas is so very special and so wonderful,” O Alin said in a video posted

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