Crafts are getting a lot of attention as a way to engage with the holiday season.

Crafts, according to many experts, are a way for kids to share and learn about the craft process, and they are also a way kids can express themselves and become inspired to create.

“If you want kids to become interested in the craft and to feel connected to their craft, then they’re going to feel more connected to that craft,” said Heather MacKenzie, director of education for the National Craft Fair.

MacKiell said that she and her colleagues are thrilled that craft activities are so popular.

“The craft community is incredibly engaged, and it’s just so much fun to see people really enjoying it,” she said.

“We’re really excited about this growing community of kids who love craft.”

For MacKennys group, the National Art Craft Fair is a great opportunity to learn more about the art and crafts of Christmas and how kids can engage with it.

MacLeod said that the fair is great for families to get to know each other and the craft community in general.

“It’s very important that the arts and crafts community is not only inclusive, but also inclusive of people of color and LGBTQ folks,” she told HuffPost.

The fair’s program, the International Day of the Craft, is a celebration of the craft as an art form.

This year’s fair will be held from November 6 through December 8, 2018.

The theme is “Decades of Decades of Craft.”

The fair also includes “Dancing with the Stars” competitions, where children can compete for prizes.

MacEenzie said that children’s creativity is also reflected in the fair’s programming, including a Christmas themed exhibit and a Christmas dinner for kids.

“There’s an opportunity to celebrate the gifts and the art of the season, and the holiday in general,” she explained.

“So I think that’s really what’s really important here.”

For the past six years, MacLeod has organized the annual International Craft Fair in her family’s neighborhood.

“A lot of people are like, ‘What’s a craft?’

And we are like ‘We’re just doing what we’re doing for kids,'” she said of the fair.

“And then they just start talking about the Christmas spirit.”

“I don’t think they know what Christmas means,” MacKeely said of her kids.

When asked about the importance of the holiday and the way children can celebrate it, MacKlenks answer was simple: “I’m sure it’s a huge celebration.

And I think kids have the right to be happy.”

For more crafty holiday ideas, check out HuffPost’s video series:

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