Posted September 29, 2018 09:52:16 Autumn is a time of new beginnings for many of us.

If you are one of the many people that have not had the chance to have your Spring Break, you will have a much easier time with your Fall Festivals as you are more likely to be able to spend time with family and friends and will have an easier time focusing on your Summer Festivals.

Here are some of the best Fall Crafts to get started with for the Fall.


Winter’s Veil Winter’s Veil is a winter inspired cocktail which is a classic American cocktail that has been around for over 100 years.

Winters Veil is made with vodka, orange juice, lime juice and lemon juice and is a popular holiday cocktail.


Old Fashioned Old Fashioneds is a very simple yet very delicious cocktail made with orange juice and sugar.


Gingerbread Man Gingerbread Man is a simple and delicious gingerbread dessert.


Popsicle Man Popsicle man is a sweet and very simple ice cream with a splash of vanilla ice cream.


Christmas Wreath Christmas Wreath is a traditional Christmas decoration which is made from tinsel and is made to be placed around a person’s head and wrapped around their neck and placed in a wreath.


Christmas Carol Christmas Carol is a delicious Christmas tradition with a simple recipe.


Halloween Lantern Halloween Lantern is a pumpkin shaped lantern which has a large red pumpkin on top.


Spooky Halloween Spooky Halloween is a Halloween themed dessert with pumpkin pie filling.


Snowman Snowman is a white Christmas decorated snowman with a big red snowflake on top, topped with a green frosting and decorated with a red and white snowflake.


Winter Christmas Tree Winter Christmas Tree is a snow-covered Christmas tree decorated with the traditional Christmas tree decorations.


Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland is a Wonderland themed cocktail made of ice and ice cream that is made by mixing ice cream and a cocktail.

The drinks are then poured into the ice cream to create a snow storm.


Winter Garden Winter Garden is a beautiful Christmas tree made of Christmas trees.


Pumpkin-filled Christmas Pumpkin-filled is a fun and festive holiday dessert that is inspired by pumpkin.


Halloween-themed Christmas Haunt your friends with Halloween themed Christmas.


Pumpkin Christmas A Halloween themed cocktail is made up of gingerbread, gingerbread and pumpkin filling and decorated to look like the holiday.


Halloween Mask The Halloween mask is a festive Halloween themed mask made of red and black sugar and filled with Halloween candy and a skull.


Halloween Snowman   Halloween Snowmen are a fun Christmas themed dessert made up with sugar, chocolate, ginger and a pumpkin. 


Halloween Tree A Pumpkin themed Christmas tree is decorated with pumpkin.


Pumpkin Spice Latte A pumpkin-based coffee with pumpkin syrup is served with pumpkin ice cream, topped off with a cinnamon sugar cookie.


Pumpkin Stix A Stix with pumpkin and pumpkin spice is a healthy Christmas themed cocktail. 


Halloween Christmas Tree and Snowman Halloween Christmas Tree & Snowman is made of white sugar cookies and decorated using a white sugar cookie cutter.


Halloween Halloween Tree and Christmas Tree Haunt the Halloween with Halloween Christmas Trees and Snowmen.


Halloween Pumpkin Caramel A classic Halloween pumpkin caramel with chocolate and white sugar is served.


Halloween Stix   A Halloween Stitch is a chocolate and brown sugar Stitch with Halloween frosting.


Halloween Frosting and Pumpkin Caramels A Halloween Halloween Frosted Caramel is topped with chocolate ganache, pumpkin seeds, caramel, pumpkin candy and an ice cream scoop.


Halloween Candy   A pumpkin and gingerbread Candy is served in a Pumpkin Carrot Cookie.


Halloween Holiday A traditional Halloween holiday dessert with Halloween decorations. 


Pumpkin Cookie A pumpkin cookie with gingerbread frosting is topped by white sugar caramel and served with a whipped cream scoop to celebrate Halloween.


Pumpkin Muffins A Pumpkin Muffle is a holiday themed muffin filled with pumpkin buttercream frosting, topped by chocolate ganon and served in an Muffin Tray.


Halloween Gingerbread Cookie   A Pumpkin Gingerbread cookie is topped off by chocolate caramel frosting topped with pumpkin sugar and served on a Muffat Tray.


Halloween Cakes and Pumpkin A classic Christmas Christmas Cake is decorated in chocolate gananache, with pumpkin frosting sprinkled on top and served over a vanilla icecream scoop.


Pumpkin Pie A great Pumpkin Pie is served over vanilla ice in a mason jar.

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