Craft dining has come a long way in the past five years, with restaurants such as Patisserie Pompidou and Bouchon having opened across France.

Now there’s a new craft dining option on the horizon, which will bring folding craft tables to the table.

A new French craft food restaurant, Bouchons, will open in Paris’s historic Montmartre Square, opening on October 21.

The restaurant will feature six tables, each of which will have two or three seats, and will feature traditional French cooking methods such as roasting, sauteing and broiling.

The concept is similar to the one seen at the famed restaurant, Patisseries, and the restaurant is said to be inspired by the concept at Patissiers, which was the original name of the restaurant.

This will not be the first folding craft dining concept to come to the market, however.

There is also an Italian restaurant called La Bouchonne, which is also named after the Patisseria.

The name Bouchona is derived from the Italian word for the French word bouchon, which means “to fold”.

La Boudonne, located in the heart of Paris’s famed Marais district, will also feature a folding patio.

The interior will feature a traditional restaurant décor, as well as an extensive collection of craft wines, spirits and beers.

There will also be a small section of craft beer on tap, as will be the case with La Boulouche, the French craft beer bar chain founded by former Paris mayor Yves Cousteau.

A total of 20 craft tables are planned to be available, with the total cost of the plan to be €12,500.

This is only a small fraction of the total €30 million investment needed to open the restaurant, but it will give the restaurant a head start over other similar restaurant concepts in Paris.

The location is located in a historic area and is a good location for the concept, as it’s close to the Pompidière de la Boulonne, which overlooks the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde.

Bouchones website states that the restaurant will be located in Montmartres Square, a part of the city that is known for its history and heritage.

It will also have a café and wine bar, a restaurant and bar and an outdoor garden.

A Facebook page has been created for the restaurant to attract more visitors to the area.

The website states: “In order to make Bouchone the world’s largest and most prestigious folding craft restaurant we need to open in a very unique location.”

Bouchonal will be open from October 21 to December 12.

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