The word craft beer can mean different things to different people.

But the craft beer industry’s most prominent craft brewer is craft, and it’s often associated with beer made from malt or wheat malt.

The term is so ubiquitous, it has its own website.

The term craft, however, does not mean the same thing to every brewer, said Jim McLean, the executive director of the Brewers Association, a trade group.

Craft beer is synonymous with American craft brewers like the Coors Brewing Co., a Colorado-based craft brewer whose brands include Imperial Stout, the beer with the orange and lemon peel in it, and the HopCat.

It is also a common term used by other brewers to describe their beers, said McLean.

Craft beer isn’t just for craft beer drinkers, however.

The industry also employs hundreds of thousands of people who work in the brewing industry.

McLean says that more than half of the beer brewed in the United States in 2014 was craft beer.

And in the last decade, the industry has taken off, with craft beer breweries accounting for a record $10 billion in sales.

McLean says craft beer isn�t as big of a phenomenon as craft beer in the past, but that it has grown rapidly in the years since craft beer first gained prominence.

Craft beers account for about one-third of the U.S. beer market, he said.

The craft beer market is expected to reach $50 billion by 2020.

Craft breweries are in a position to take advantage of new trends in the craft brewing industry, such as distribution and consumer awareness.

The new trend is to have beer made at home, in small batches, and with local ingredients, according to a recent report from the Brewers Assocation, an industry group.

A brewer can have a variety of craft beer flavors and styles, said Matthew Mancuso, who heads up the craft brewery business research firm MillerCoors and is the former vice president of marketing for Budweiser.

Craft brewers also can control the quality of the product by using a variety on the ingredients, he added.

The Brewers Association and the Brewers Retailer Association report craft beer sales to the government increased by more than 30 percent between 2012 and 2016.

That growth was attributed to an increase in domestic craft beer consumption, as well as an increase of craft-friendly restaurants and breweries.

Craft beers are a growing industry, with a growing number of brands in the marketplace, said Chris Bowers, a professor of beer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He expects the craft industry to grow even more over the next decade, with more brands and more locations being opened.

He says he is excited by the craft brewers’ ability to grow craft beer brands, as the craft community has shown great potential to innovate and create something that resonates with the tastes of their customers.

“I don�t think there�s a craft brewery out there that can’t innovate,” Bowers said.

The craft beer boom is a trend that is being reflected in other industries, too.

The beer industry is thriving.

Craft brewers are making money, said Matt Kline, the chief executive officer of the Beer Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based trade group for beer brewers.

The Craft Beer Industry Association is planning a conference this fall in New York to highlight the craft-based industry�s growth.

Craft is an important part of the craft market, said Mark Siegel, president and chief operating officer of Siegel Brewing, a craft brewer in Pennsylvania.

We�re making money because of it.

Craft is the new American food.

It�s not just about beer, but it�s about people,” said Siegel.

He is the founder of Settle, a New York-based brewery that is working to open a new location in Los Angeles.

Craft and craft beer are not only important in this market, but also for other craft beer styles.

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